The how, the who and the why

The idea to do art bike workshops in Lithuania started in 2013 with Who Did That to My Bike annual parades held in Vilnius. The event gained momentum during the following years and in 2016 we saw an opportunity to take this concept to a new level.

The gang We are a group of friends, and perhaps the name that most of us could identify under is lithuanian burners. Some of us are long time attendees of the art festival, most of us volunteer there as well, but we're not exclusive to burners - nor lithuanians either :)

The main means of getting around Burning Man is the bicycle. Everyone has one and unfortunately there's an increasing problem where some of them are simply discarded after the event is over. Since most of the bikes are not only in proper(-ish) working condition, some even nicely decorated - and a fraction - simply amazing pieces of art - the participants don’t even consider themselves to be littering.

Some of the leftover bikes are repurposed as public transport for the event, most others are donated to charitable causes, but it’s still a big drain on resources of the festival to utilize the immense quantities of bicycles - and we are one of the initiatives stepping up to help out.

Art Bike Invasion 2017

The first year we did this in 2017 we had frankly zero idea how we'd gonna do this and it took a huge amount of effort to load and unload the 300 bicycles to several subsequent trucks in order to minimise shipping costs - and that’s only to reach LA :)

Without going into the difficulties and turmoil, the Art Bike Invasion 2017 eventually took place in Drėverna, a very small Lithuanian town close to the sea. You can check out photos in the gallery, or go to the last years page. The event received quite a lot of international support and attention, we were joined by volunteer teachers, Boston Artisans Asylum residents, the awesome SCUL bike gang, engineers and tech people from Riga, Latvia, Spain and Germany.

Last year was a big success despite the difficulties and we believe it really made an impact, so we’re doing it again - hopefully a little more organized this time!

However, the project still needs every bit of help we can get. Please consider backing our fundraiser or enroll as a volunteer!

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